The “Under-the-belt” State

It all started with this headline “Sheikh X has been transferred to the ER due to an excessive dosage of Viagra”, and suddenly everyone is sharing the news as if it is something worth sharing. I can assure you they’re not sharing, because it is shameful or anything, but because there is nothing wrong with a 70 year old man looking for a little support to enjoy some intimacy with his wife. Any healthy society and pretty much any religion would totally approve such thing.

Then why is everyone making a fuss out of it?

Simply because extremist Islamists have been excessively forbidding anything related to such topics, always giving advisory opinions concerning the matter and using their own eccentric interpretations to the Quran to help stand their ground. During the past two years, Islamists, in particular Salafis, have made us feel as if all the evil in the world is centered in a woman’s lap.

Every topic that interests them, every constitutional law they are fighting for or against, most of the advisory opinions, pretty much anything they have been discussing is sex related. And then you read headlines like ‘an extremist caught molesting a little kid’, ‘arrested for sex in public’, ‘secretly married to a belly dancer’ or ‘died of cheap Viagra’.   

This is all truly sad for a religion that was brought to the prophet to spread the gift of God’s mercy to help guide human beings through life and serve justice. The holy Quran is a true miracle, being so complete and applicable for all times, which applies to the holy Bible as well. Both have by far more similarities than differences. Yet suddenly, due to some bizarre extremists misinterpretations, the holy Quran became the tool to help pressure approvals on horrendous issues like:

FGM: “Female Circumcision as a way of protection” Totally neglecting the physical and psychological damage this little girl will suffer from for the rest of her life. God gave us the choice to sin, even if you are not going to use it, it stays your right to have the option to.

Early marriage age for girls: “Female marriage before puberty as a way of protection against the sexual urges that develop”: Are you effin kidding me?  That’s just pedophilia in the name of religion.

Forced veil: “Mandatory veil by law” I won’t comment on that, I already don’t believe in most of the so-called veiled women in Egypt and on that I’ll write a separate article.

Ban women from work, freedom, equality and pretty much everything that might help satisfy their self-actualization needs.   

I just want to tell these extremist Islamists that for their information 26% of the Egyptian families are financially supported by a single mom, and over 38% of households don’t rely on the man’s income alone and use full financial support of the wife.

Does it make sense that a holy book with the word “mercy” being one of the most repetitive words and “Al Raheem” (the merciful), “Al Ghafoor” (the forgiving) as two of the holy names of God would approve any of the mentioned above?  Do you see mercy? Does it comply with the forgiving nature of God that is so important to be one of his holy names?

On a side note, I heard they will ban porn sites; okay maybe more suppression is the way out! So Good Luck to all the anti-sexual harassment campaigns

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