6 Fabulous Places to Shop for the Perfect Gentleman!

Women always complain that shopping for men isn’t easy, but in fact it isn’t all that difficult once you know where to look. If you want to surprise your man with something that he’ll like, you need to think outside of the box. Don’t think about what kind of gift you’d like, think about what kind of gift he’d like! Here’s a list of things any gentleman is bound to appreciate.

huxton house

Hoxton House

Does your man remind you of James Bond? Does he carry himself with confidence and is more on the classic side (with an edge, of course)? If your answer was yes, you’ll want to take him to Hoxton House. This is a place where you can get your man gorgeous tailored suits by none other than Egypt’s incredibly talented fashion designer Malak El Ezzawy


Good barbers

Good Barbers

Is your man bearded, but wants to get his facial hair trimmed to perfection? Is he very picky about how he likes his hair cut? Good Barbers will take care of that. They’ll make sure that their old school ways make your man happy with his hair and beard.


Azza fahmy

Azza Fahmy

For the classy ones who know how to enjoy good jewelry, you can’t go wrong with Azza Fahmy’s Men Collection. Her designs are masculine, while still maintaining a high standard of beauty. From cuff links to rings and keychains, Azza Fahmy knows how to pamper a man.



The man brand

The Man Brand 

If he’s bearded, he must love his beard. Beards are to men what hair is to women; they  have that strange inexplicable pride associated with it. If your man has an epic beard of this kind, get him a grooming kit from The Man Brand. Their brands smell heavenly, so it’ll be a gift for you too! They’re also very nicely packaged and branded that your man will fall for them immediately, we recommend trying the beard oil with its different gorgeous scents.



Amina K

Amina K

If you thought Amina K makes only gorgeous women’s clothes, you are mistaken! Amina K also makes stylish, light men’s clothes with an Egyptian twist. Amina K’s button up shirts with their beautiful colors are some of our favorites!




For the love of shoes! Maksters is a brand that knows how to bring a little bit of funk to classic looks. Daring kind of men who still like to try something new while remaining old school, Maksters is the thing for them!


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