The Trials and Tribulations of Santa While Visiting Egypt

We all love Santa, and would love for him to visit Egypt! Although we do think it might not work out for several reasons. Whether it’s the kids, the parents or just the way Egypt is, Santa will not have the best time.

Santa 3

  1. Lack of Chimneys

It’s very seldom that you would find a house with a chimney, and we all know that Santa goes down the chimney to enter the house. In Egypt’s case he would have to use “El Manwar” and then jump through a window.

Santa 1

  1. Bedtime who?

All around the world Santa would pass by people’s houses at midnight Christmas Eve, while everyone is sleeping, he would quietly put the gifts under the tree and leave. Not in Egypt, though, at midnight he would find the kids still up and bouncing around! Mission failed!

Santa 2

  1. No Parking

Just like everyone one of us, Santa would face the hardship of finding a parking spot. El sayes will try to help him, but it gets very hard with 6 reindeers and a huge wagon!

Santa 5

  1. The Naughty List

Santa doesn’t have to worry about those things too much since most of us can agree that Egyptian Kids aren’t the most well-mannered ones. Most of them will probably end up on the “naughty list”.





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