The Tanning File: Your ultimate guide to a safe and sexy tan

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Women love getting a nice tan. While the majority of health officials claim that sun tanning in any form is not good for your skin, the craze for acquiring that enviable bronzed body is irresistible to all people with access to sun and sand. If tanning is the way to go for you, do it safely and prudently so you get the benefits of sun tanning without the side effects.



You should apply your sun block, choose a 20+ sun block for extra care and protection to your body before you head out to the sun. Applying sun block first helps ensure that you get to cover your entire body, guaranteeing that all of your skin is protected. And don’t forget to apply sun block to your lips! Lips can become easily burned or dried out, which is both unhealthy for your skin and unattractive.


Similarly, you should gradually build up the time you spend in the sun. Many people are tempted to intentionally burn themselves right away, believing this provides a good “base” for the tan. Sunburns are a sign of skin damage and can lead to serious skin complications. Instead, the tan should be slowly built up to lessen the potential damage.




The sun is at its hottest between 10 am and 4pm, the sun’s rays are strongest so don’t over do outdoor activities during this time period. Establish some limits for sun exposure during those hours or try to avoid sunbathing at this time.

Spending time in the water increases your chances of getting sunburned. The sun’s rays reflect from the water and are basically magnified onto your body. Getting sunburn while in the water can happen with little warning signs. Wear a sun block, even if it is a low SPF, every time you are in the water. Make sure the sun block is water resistant, as well, and reapply it as often as the product recommends. This is at least every 2-3 hours.


Essential tanning tips that work like magic:

How to apply:  To apply tanning products, begin by working on a small area. Gently, in an even manner, rub in the product generously. Reach out to other areas in a swirling, but still gentle and even rub, rather than going in an up-and-down direction. To reach your back, try using a sponge paint roller or sponge paintbrush; a little goes a long way, so slow and steady does it. Apply tanning product applications 30 minutes before you head outdoors. Then re-apply every two to three hours (or after you’re wet – showering, swimming, sweating, etc.).

Waterproof:  Forget about only applying a tanner once. It wears off in water/sweat, etc. over time (after an hour or so). So use caution, especially with children using this type product, and re-apply.

Eyewear: Check into investing in good protective eyewear. Read labels for 100% UV protection. Check with your pharmacist or healthcare provider for help selecting appropriate levels for children and yourself.


NOW: You are ready to start out your Tan:

  • You need to exfoliate the skin. While getting rid of the dead cells, but don’t scrub too hard as the normal skin underneath will get hurt.
  • Select the right kind of suntan lotion, which is also a moisturizer. Spread it well. Do not miss out on any spots. A suntan lotion allows the body to tan slowly, thus avoiding sunburn.
  • A one to two hours every day. Avoid spending too much time in the sun. One should suntan regularly over a period of time. Expose the whole of your body to avoid spots. It is not advisable to spend a whole day sun tanning or your skin cells will get damaged. The skin loses it natural color and your appearance will look awful.
  • Spread out your body well while lying down so that all parts of the body get well exposed.
  • Have a good shower after the suntan. Do not shower too much. If you shower in the morning and go in for sun tanning in the afternoon, then have a quick shower only to get rid of the suntan lotion. Do not use soap, except in areas that could smell such as under arms. Soap being harsh will peel of the tanned skin.
  • Use a moisturizer in the morning, when you get in the afternoon after the suntan and at night before going to sleep. Moisturizing the skin keeps it soft and supple and will give you a radiant look.

Alert: Try to avoid shaving before tanning. When you apply the sun tan lotion it might cause irritation or a rash on the skin.



So, after following the above mentioned tips, try this natural tan mixture that is best to give you a sexy tan look in a very safe, natural way…


4 table spoon avocado oil   it contains high levels of vitamins
4 table spoon hazelnut oil  high in vitamin E that nourishes the skin
4 table spoon walnut oil   enhances tanning protect skin 4m UV damage      
4 table spoon sesame oil   provides the highest sun protection of all the natural oils
4 table spoon wheat-germ oil light, golden- oil has large amounts of vit A, D & E, help to smooth the skin
6 drops only calendula essential oil
4 drops only patchouli essential oil



Apply suntan oil evenly and sparingly to clean exfoliated skin at least 30 minutes before sunbathing. The oil must penetrate the upper layers of the skin for its protective properties to be fully effective while you sunbathe.


Mix all the ingredients together in a small bottle. Cap and shake the mixture thoroughly. It is important to shake the mixture well before each use as well, since the oils will separate when allowed to stand for long periods of time.

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