The Silliest Dance Moves from Egyptian Music Videos

Our generation is in the awkward gap between analog and digital music. We’ve listened to cassette tapes, CD’s and now we buy our music on iTunes (that was a lie, most of us illegally download it).

We’ve listened to Amr Diab’s Shawa’na and remember a time when Samira Said was a brunette. And throughout the years, we’ve seen some crazy stuff. The weirdest of which, are the dance moves. Here are the silliest, most mind boggling moves in Egyptian music Videos.








1- The Solo-Wave

We all know the wave, but what if you’re alone and your girls are all not facing you? Nawal was faced with that situation and showed us how excited she was by doing a solo wave with both her hands. Brilliant!


2- Jazz Hands  (and every other Aly Hemeida move)

We all love Jazz hands! You can use them in almost any situation. Aly Hemeida here utilized it along with what we decided to call “the bounce”, “the spin” and the “come over here”.


3- When in doubt, wave your arms about

Alaa Abdel Khale’ and his boys do it all the time. Don’t look down on it, it requires skills!


4- Jumping Jacks

This one you can totally do with your buddy to impress girls. Extra points if your buddy is Hameed El Sha’ery.


5- The Pre-Hadaba Amr Diab move

We have no idea how this video resurfaced, but we love that it did. Why Amr Diab never uses those sick moves now is beyond us.


6- The Sorry I Accidentally Punched you in the Face

This move is to be only performed by professionals. Unless you want to end up taking your friend to the ER with a split lip because you punched them out of sheer excitement.


7- Plagiarized Walk like an Egyptian

Only perform when either Shufy or Walk like an Egyptian are playing. Otherwise you’ll only raise eyebrows.

8- The Too Cool to Properly Sit on my Bicycle

Immortalized by Ruby. This only works in the gym, clearly. And don’t try to do it with a normal bicycle… We won’t go into details, but we’ve had quite the accident.


9- The Walking Man

The running man? That’s for amateurs! Watch Mostafa Amar do the walking man with ease. So cool. If you’re really confident with your moves, add a clap.


10- The Fierce kitten, Flailing chicken and Rapid Double Punch

We knew we’ll see Ruby again on this list! This time she was following her feeling to a land where women were covered with either feathers or glitter and did inexplicable moves in front of the pyramids.

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