The Secret to Tender Chicken and Delicious Dips with the Cairo Foodie Couple

In the past few months the Terzibashians have taken the social media world by storm with their array of delicious recipes and insightful reviews. We gave this fabulous foodie couple a few quick fire questions to get the top tips for creating the perfect dishes this Ramadan:

1) What is your favourite traditional dish to cook for Ramadan?

Definitely Rokak.

2) What is a great showstopper dish to bring with you to a big Iftah gathering?

A traditional dessert but with a modern twist on it, people love that kind of stuff.

3) What is the secret to being able to work in the kitchen with your partner?

We complete each other. Whilst one of us makes one thing, the other makes the other part of the dish. So for Sushi she is the rice master, but I am the rolling and cutting master.

4) If you have to cook for a vegetarian, what is the best dish you would suggest?

I would go with Zucchini with béchamel.

5) What is an easy but tasty dip to have with appetizers?

Good last minute dips to make are things like, onion soup dip, where you get onion soup and mix cheese or sour cream with it.

6) What are your tips for preparing the perfect tender chicken?

For the perfect tender chicken, you either need to marinade it with yoghurt or with mayonnaise. Either will make it super tender, but if you want it light, go with yoghurt.

7) To make tameya a bit more interesting, what is your secret?

You can actually stuff it with loads of things such as: eggplant, baba ghanoug, mozzarella cheese, jalapenos. My favourite is eggplant!

8) For an interesting beef marinade, what are the key ingredients?

If it is steak, keep it very simple, so you can focus on the flavour of the meat. So just salt and pepper is enough!

Find them on Instagram at @cairofoodiecouple, and check out their Facebook here.

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