The Sad Things About Men in Local Cafes…

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I have no idea what to say since this magazine is for humans, women or men, and I’m just a Panda, but since I’ve been living around them for too long now, I guess men got major things on their minds and it’s easy for anyone to figure that out. You just need to go to a local cafe “Ahwa Balady” for a week listening to people and you’ll figure out everything yourself. Sad but true, the talks are mainly about the following


Most of them talk about relationships that will lead to sex and 70% of them fail before they reach this point at all. The majority though seems to make up stories to impress. Well, the rest talk about sex as well, yet in a rather sad way, for they are married.If they could turn back time they would, it seems.    


Sadly, most of the post revolution political chitchats are plain rubbish or based on rumors. Everyone is just making up stories and they even make up fictional history just to make their nonsense more believable. The few others tell each other what they hear on National TV, and I guess we all know that it is worse than the nonsense the rest spread.

Work (or looking for work)

I guess 80% are searching for jobs or just in-between jobs and feel like shit. The other 20% just hate their lives and talk about feeling enslaved or how it’s harder after the revolution to find a job and if you got one, it’s also hard to keep, sadly.


Of course the main sport is football. For most of the football freaks’ time is spent watching games, with a tiny bit of chitchat of which team or player is better than the other and a small portion of fighting.

I never understood the idea of football anyways;people running after a ball, seriously? Like adults still see that as something serious? What’s more sad is when you hear a soccer player telling you how hard it was for him to run after a ball.


Either people tying to convince each other with things they both know absolutely nothing about or both of them act as if they hold PhDs from AlAzhar. Both parties always end up their conversation with this line “look,look,let’s stop here until I get you someone who knows better than me to prove what you’re saying is wrong”, very sad!

I think human beings pretty much look for the same at a certain age, be it men or women. They want success, recognition and a role in the world. Most of the people fail to have these and many don’t even reach the point knowing what they really want. However how sad, miserable, unfair and chaotic life is, people still want to get married and have kids!

Everyone has a road to take, a trip that everyone must deal with on his own, whether you like it or not. So it is better to figure it out yourself instead of waiting for others to direct you. You are everything and everything is you, sadly.


*Sad Panda, the infamous graffiti artist roams the streets of Cairo bringing us more than just graffiti                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


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