The Quest for the Perfect Dress is Over, Thanks to La Reina!

We have all been there… all of a sudden, we remember that we have an event to attend and we still don’t have our perfect dress-to-impress. And so, the search begins for the most fabulous dress money can buy. But what if you did not want to buy a dress? What if you could go to the wedding, engagement soiree, graduation or birthday party decked out in a stunning designer dress, without having to commit to actually buying said dress? La Reina offers you this fantastic option with their dress rental service and they come with a gorgeous selection of designer gowns for you to choose from! The gowns come in various different styles to suit all kinds of tastes. La Reina is the ultimate high-end couture platform for renting wedding, designer and evening dresses.


As it is that wonderful time of the year, La Reina is preparing for Christmas to help you shine bright without breaking the bank. Whether it’s a Christmas dinner, cocktail party or even a wedding, La Reina has got your back. You do not have to wear the same dress twice anymore, for La Reina is a platform where you can lend and rent dresses. This rental system tackles a big issue for most Egyptian girls, who stress over choosing dresses for their special events because of the incredibly expensive price tags. La Reina has released a new Christmas and New Years’ collection that focuses on the colors Black, Silver, Red and Gold.


La Reina has proven once again that when it comes to fashion, they provide nothing short of the best

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