The Perfect Toy for Your Differently-Abled Kid

Each year, toy companies produce a massive number of toys so that each kid will find the toy that can be like them. Although there’s a diversity of toys in range, there are still some kids who are left behind –not finding the toy that “looks like them”. With the objective of creating a toy for each kid, the initiative ToyLikeMe was created, encouraging toy companies to produce new toys for differently-abled kids.


The Toy Company Makies

Starting with the British Toy Company, Makies, using 3D print technology, the toys included walking and hearing aids, facial birthmarks and guide dogs for the dolls.


American Girl Special Accessories

American Girl took the game to a whole new level by creating the first baby boy doll: Logan. The brand offers various accessories for the Differently-abled, that makes the kids find their alike mini me easily. Accessories included wheelchairs, crutches, and service dogs, as well as a diabetes kit complete with an insulin pump, glucose tablets, and a blood sugar monitor, and an allergy-free lunch kit with a mini EpiPen.



In the year 1996, Barbie presented their new Becky as the first disabled doll in toy history.


Share a Smile Becky, was a doll in a custom-made Mattel wheelchair.



Lammily was the second-in-line after Barbie. The doll came with adjustable legs-wheelchair. Moreover, the company created a campaign to fund wheelchair accessories.


Dolls for Downs

Raising awareness about Down syndrome, the Dolls for Downs organization created special toys for kids with Down syndrome, so they can feel appreciated, and good about themselves and their looks.


LEGO Differently-Abled Mini-Figures


Jumping to LEGO, there’s their Park City Set. You don’t only get one toy, but they created a whole set of mini-figures with wheelchairs and assistance dogs.


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