The Nation’s Urination Temptation

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God bestowed the human race with the most special of all gifts, the gift of the brain. God gave us our brains to distinguish us from all other creatures. Yet when you see someone deliberately refusing this gift and acting otherwise you’re bound to feel perplexed. Now given this fact one cannot keep wondering enough why the so-called developed species of male Homo sapiens has no shame whatsoever to take a leak in public.
A few years ago this behavior was directly associated with a diabetic cab driver who is on a double shift and simply cannot pee in a bottle, so he would park his car on the right and hide behind the door, back to the street, and liberating his bladder. Back in 2009 the picture has slightly received an upgrade. The peeing is the same, but guys don’t hide any more; backside to the street is no more! Now, they unzip, liberate and zip up, right where they please. I bet if you were to count the public pipi making men on your way to work, say from Maadi to Heliopolis, you’d reach about twenty something at least. Now do men have bladder issues these days or is this just bad upbringing? Does that mean that Cairo became one big public toilet?
It’s never clear why some men put their brains aside and pee on the street. That’s the role of stray dogs and cats. If you want to act like dogs and cats for heaven’s sake meow or bark, don’t pee. In other words “say it, don’t spray it”… at least not from down there.
I surveyed males and females to question them about this phenomenon. It was surprising the number of males who admit that they have peed on the street at least once. Of the surveyed males, 80% have peed before on the street. The reason they chose most was that they really had to go and there was no nearby restroom. Yeah right! As if the bridge pillar has a flush and floral scented toilet paper is served after the leak! Should we appeal to the governor to install urinals on bridge pillars?
All of the questioned males stated they have never seen the recently renovated restrooms distributed at different points around Cairo. However the majority chose not to use them even if they saw them. You ask why? One said “I’ll be worried about the hygiene”. Well that’s odd given the fact that he was willing to pee in public. So he was worried about the hygiene, hell yeah this makes so much sense!
When the female respondents were asked if they were ever out with a guy who parked to pee, it appeared that 40% had been in that situation. Yet none of them gave details on how they reacted. All females said they wouldn’t use the public restrooms and would hold it in till they reached their destination.
But what could we do to put an end to this issue?
We could imitate a regulation enforced at the city of Borough, State of New Jersey as mentioned on the website of its police department. Giving a fine to those who pee right there on the spot. Just make them pay a decided amount of money after they do their business and that ought to do the trick. Policemen “monitoring” the street would have something to do rather than just stand there sexually harassing girls.
The second solution could be that the government pays more attention to the cleanliness of the public restrooms and to actually build a lot more than the ones already existing. If the nearest restroom is a 15 minute walk away and I really had to go, I’ll personally pee right then and there. There should be a public restroom available at every block so that men don’t have an excuse. But most importantly these restrooms need to be monitored and cleaned regularly. Because let’s face it, the ones available right now are too repulsive that people choose to urinate in public. Even if they won’t be cleaned for the luxury of the citizens at least they should be cleaned for the health of the citizens.
We’re all constantly criticizing Egypt. Blaming Egypt for being unclean, for being unorganized and even for being crowded when if we really think about it, Egypt just happens to be what we make of it. We have to do the effort to make a difference. Don’t complain about the cleanliness of the streets when you throw your can of coke on the pavement. Don’t complain about the never ending noise when you’re honking for the silliest of reasons. And most certainly don’t complain about living in a country that smells like pig shelters when you PEE on the street.
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