The Marsa Allam ‘Non-Divers’Guide to Heaven!


Hands down one of the most beautifully unique destinations that Egypt has to offer! As someone who does not dive because of a chronic ear infection, I have been asked multiple times ‘whatever do you in Marsa Alam if you don’t dive?’ With a bunch of stunning diving sites around Marsa Alam that cannot go unnoticed, Marsa Alam also has its fair share of activities and places to visit for non-divers as well. You’d be surprised – here are some jaw-dropping places to visit in and around Marsa Alam to name a few.

Snorkeling in Turtle Bay


Located just before Marsa Alam town. Turtle Bay is a marvelous piece of the Red Sea home to a bale of sea turtles and dugongs that is relatively close to the shore. Just grab your snorkeling gear and prepare to spot those sea creatures in their natural habitat.


Swimming with dolphins in Samadai Reef Dolphin House


A mere 80 minutes by boat from Marsa Alam’s marina takes you to Samadai Reef, a natural home to pods of spinner dolphins where you’ll get the chance to swim and snorkel with the playful creatures!


Swimming with dolphins in Satayeh Dolphin Reef


A horse-show shaped dolphin reef reached from Hamata’s marina, there’s always a better chance to spot spinner dolphins than its neighboring Samadai. Because Samadai is closer to Marsa Alam it usually attracts more crowds than Satayeh. It’s really a question of the amount of time you have.


Camping in Qulaan Mangrove Beach


Further south from Marsa Alam town lies Qulaan Mangrove Beach home of naturally grown larger than life mangrove trees and clear waters. A piece of heaven boasting two natural pools bound by a sandbank with a large mangrove tree sitting just beyond it. In low tides, take a stroll in the bay through the natural pools and in high tides enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water with a view of the surrounding mangroves. With a camping site, a handful of rooms and a restaurant facility, you can even choose to spend the night beachfront and wake up to unprecedented peaceful views of the bay.


El Nayzak


Translating to ‘The Meteor’ a natural infinity pool on the seashore of the Red Sea believed to have been formed when a meteor hit the shoreline. Dive right in!


Sharm El Luli Beach


Also known as Ras Hankorab, Sharm El Luli is a stretch of long white sand beach with pristine water chosen by TripAdvisor as one of the world’s top 10 beaches to visit. Dubbed as the Maldives of the Red Sea, Sharm El Luli will leave you in awe. Spend your day snorkeling, exploring the secluded west side of Hankorab and soaking up the sun in this Maldive-esque beach escape.

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