The Married Man

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The nature of life today, requires males and us females to mingle and interact very closely together. The males we interact with are young and single, old and single, married, divorced or widowed. The enigma in all the males we meet- are married men. Married men we meet can be classified into the following general categories:


Married and stable – The Happy Guy. He is comfortable with himself, content with his wife, content with his life, and is alright dealing with other women, without feeling tempted to flirt, complain or even consider an extra marital affair- or a second wife for that matter. Why would he? He is already satisfied with his wife? These are usually the best men to have as colleagues, friends or acquaintances, as there is no harm in dealing with them, and are great to deal with as a matter of fact.


Married and looking for a second wife. The man wanting to play yet does not want to break God’s rules. He is a man who could be content or not so content with his wife, however, he wants to utilize the privileges given to him. This could be because his wife is medically ill, because he is bored with his marriage and is looking for change, or simply has an open appetite for the opposite sex.


Married and looking for an affair – The Player. This husband enjoys variety of women. The relationships could be hidden under the titles of friendship or clearly stated as affairs – this all depends on the level of intimacy and amount of social and religious rules broken in the relationship. Sometimes it is the women who are deviously misled by men under the umbrella of either love, possibly being a second wife or simply just having a good time. Or in a lot of cases nowadays, it is the women who intentionally and ruthlessly lead the men on. Regardless of the reasons that helped the relationship develop – usually catastrophic relationships for all parties involved, especially the wife at home.


Married and looking simply to flirt – the Player with a conscience.  This is a man who just likes to have an “innocent” good time. The man is stable in his married life, however, cannot get past his bachelor days when he could continue to flirt and chat up anything wearing a skirt. This man does not lead women on, and loudly declares his marriage and his contentment with it, however he sees nothing wrong with being friendly- even if he reaches sometimes “borderline flirting. The really interesting justification by men here is “if I find someone to pamper me and spoil me at work, then I will be in a really good mood, and can pamper my wife at home”.


Married and looking for a friend – The Lost Guy. This husband is usually a decent man, who is content being married, however his wife is unable to contain him intellectually. As a result, he ends up looking for intellectual stimulation and mental support outside the house. Usually, he is harmless, however will end up making a lot of emotional demands on his colleagues, both males and females.


Now, for married women, which category does your husband belong to? For single women out there, one really must take care, and be as clear and decisive as possible, with the rules they want to lay out in their relationship with married men, or anyone for that matter. It is also good to remember, that you too will be a wife one day, so consider how you would feel, if your husband was flirting and going out of line, with someone other than yourself. For definitely, what goes around, does come around, and faster than you may think!



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