The Many Faces of Mean Girls

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Since March is all about women, women, and none other than women; we decided to bring you a slice of the Mean Girl’s pie as unfortunately there are some mean girls out there who turn into mean women, so here are some to watch out for:


Miss undermining colleague: we all know that girl in the office when she smiles at you when you talk and seems supportive when you tell her about your romantic tragedies. Then when you least expect it, you hear that the idea you were discussing with her on how to make a developing plan for the next year, now been pitched to the boss as if it were her idea.

Miss ‘Up when you’re Down’: this woman seems like a very good friend when you are both singles and hang out complaining about being single together. But once you get into a relationship, she starts complaining about the guy whoever you’re dating and keeps her distance till he breaks up with you and she starts to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and all that is because she thinks you left her lonely and her only survivor tool is by feeling needed.

Miss ‘if you win I lose’: These women can never feel happy when you succeed. No matter how close you both are she will not see your win as anything short of her loss even in a Pictionary game!

Miss ‘hopes you stay fat’: this is the fit and skinny girl who is friends with not so much skinny girls. This woman wants and encourages you to be fat so she could be the only fit tone in the group. So watch out when she orders fries for herself and tells you it’s to ‘share’.

Miss ‘she doesn’t understand’: that is the most dangerous type of all. This woman surrounds herself with you and your partner and she always cripples ideas in the threesome conversations that you don’t understand him and she understands what he means perfectly. This type is after grabbing attention from your husband, not necessarily steal him but just to make him think she is the one who could understand his Playstation tricks or stock market updates.

Miss ‘you are a copycat’: this woman, you can never go shopping with. If there are two items from the same color and size and you both like it and want to buy it, she thinks that you’re copying her sense of style and if she wants to buy it, you definitely can’t buy the same item even from another color. But if that is true that you’re a copy cat, why do stores produce the same item with various colors and sizes? Supposedly these items are for every shopper out there regardless their relationships.

Mrs. ‘kid criticizing’: have you ever been with a woman who criticized your kids? Sure you have or experienced a criticism of others. This woman regularly criticizes your kids by ‘oh, a very bad grade’ or ‘is he always angry like that?’ or worse ‘he should start a diet’. These women tend to criticize your kids in order to make a propaganda that her kids are better and they don’t have the same attitude like yours.

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