The Machine

When you wash a red shirt with white shirts in the same washing machine, the result won’t be pleasant. That’s similar to what’s happening in our society in the past phase, one red shirt abuses all the other white shirts, simply because the white shirts agreed to go on a journey with the red one.

We never learn, we don’t filter, who we should listen to and who we shouldn’t. We reached a point in our lives when we are scared to be free. We listen to anyone and we believe anyone. The media should turn their heads from certain people more than turning their heads to them, but that’s opposite to the current situation. We became a project of someone else’s dream of destruction. We need to forget about talks on democracy and turn our heads to actual change that we can touch and see.

When we were little, TV made us think that we are going to grow up as princes and princesses and the bad guy will eventually die, but they didn’t tell us that the bad guys are actually the princes and princesses who will live ever after in peace. We believed in a machine that’s making money over our innocence. When we grew up to become adults, the machine grew in parallel with more and more lies.

We need to accept the fact that life has more to offer than politics and the lies of people who tell us that democracy is on top of their New Year’s resolution. Listening to them is believing them, whether we all agree to this or not, we become part of their plan of destruction. They talk, you sit and listen and time goes by.

I was thinking about the most active Egyptian people in terms social work and charity and guess what, I had to Google them because they didn’t cross my mind that easily. The media is feeding on the same faces, the same interview questions and the same discussions. Unfortunately, people are still watching, listening and sharing.

The situation in Egypt needs us to put people into consideration, not machines. We won’t see healthy change unless we work on creating a healthy environment, maintain healthy relationships and go to bed every night with a healthy body and soul.

Before trying to save others, we need to save ourselves first. When your flight is ready to take off and the flight attendant explains the safety instructions, she tells you that if the plane is about to face any kind of danger, you must put the mask onyourself first before helping children or other people around you. We need to make sure that we don’t judge ourselves too harshly, but we must be more critical towards our work and attitude than before. We need to develop real and true relationships and not only depend on how many friends we have on Facebook. Relationships with your maid, neighbor, friend’s grandmother, these are the relationships that maintain a healthy society who is willing to give back and create change.

I think that by engaging with different people from different age brackets and social backgrounds, we will be able to explore and achieve more.  

Humanity is in serious danger. Turn off the TV.

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