“I think, therefore I live and survive, in this world where thinking has become a forgotten art, yes an art”

It takes a moment to realize, but a whole lot of time to make sure. Crucial decisions, when you’re at crossroads in your life. A simple decision could mean an entirely different route, ignoring what if’s and going with will be’s is what it takes, believing in yourself, and that decision you make. Life.

All along your heart knew it but your mind just wouldn’t give in. Faults and facts, fears and faces; it all added up to that one single decision, or rather a feeling that took you by surprise, so unexpectedly. It was simply time to take over.

When you give yourself that chance to believe in yourself, what you’re capable of, can really surprise you. We’re all capable of loving, caring, hating and ignoring all at once, it’s the extent to which you can do all of those that counts. Give yourself the chance to balance between your feelings and your thoughts, let them meet at a meeting point within your soul, and then it will all make sense.

Truth, honesty, and transparency between you and yourself, then between you and others, when your eyes speak before your mouth does, that’s when you’re clear, no puzzles, and no complications. Why do we need to be complicated? It just doesn’t make sense. Making sense makes it easier on all of us. Truth.

People say love is a decision, is it? How can someone decide to fall? You “fall in love” because it hits you, you look at them and it hits you, you speak their name and it just hits you! Jealousy free of possession, adjustments free of change, and intimacy free of deceit. Intimacy being the keyword here.

I think, therefore I live and survive, in this world where thinking has become a forgotten art, yes an art. Although I’m not implying in any way that I am a preacher of any sort, but I’m only pointing out, to myself, before the reader, things that we all, in my opinion, usually take for granted.

We all have brains, but some of us; myself included, have unfortunately lost the manual to their brains and have no idea how to operate it. Those are the people who don’t know the difference between common sense and the national Egyptian soccer team winning the world cup.

Why do I think that thinking is an art? Because a person who is able to constructively think in a structured way is an artist, a person who “knows”, i.e. knows his/her own identity, who he/she is, what he/she wants, where he/she stands and what he/she is capable of. Unveiling your own creativity is an art. Creativity itself is an art; it’s what made Curt Cobain an idol even though he was a crack head, because he was the creator of Grunge music, a genre of music so simple to the ears yet deep in meaning.

Every person is creative, smart in their own way, we were not all born equally intelligent, for intelligence is a relative matter. You can build upon your own intelligence, develop it, exercise your brain, learn your pattern of thinking, and use that to help you think on the right track, and yes, you can “learn” how to think. Read. Enlighten your brain, nourish it with information. Your brain is a machine, a divine machine for that matter that operates best when it operates on a regular basis, given the right amount of feed per day, or whenever the hunger drives it. A brain’s hunger is its curiosity to find out, its jealousy to have its own concepts, its own opinions after having found out that others have their own. A brain is like a woman, you have to live with it, and you can’t live without it. If your brain has been properly fed and nourished throughout your life, it will always be your proper guide, like a moral compass, but mind you, your moral compass can guide you to the right direction, but it won’t take you there. It’s your choice to make.


If you believe in who you are, what you do and the purpose of why you exist, you shall overcome all.

In the end, it all comes down to this: being true to myself makes me clear and hence I’m free, being true to myself brings me to the realization that the horizon is no end, it’s a beginning.

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