The J- Spot: Pulling an Egyptian

He was sitting there, on the table at the corner of the room, smoking a cigarette and straying away with his thoughts like he always does, observing the people who came to say farewell to a dear friend of his, Joe, who was leaving the city for good, probably.

One thought took him to where he used to be almost three years ago, miserable and indulging in the nothingness that was him. No purpose, a torn up heart and not a single motive to keep his soul alive. Another thought took him to where he is now, determined, experienced, full of life and always thirsty for more. He thought of the reasons that brought him from where he was to where he is, and the paths he took, the people he met, and it all seemed to add up. He then realized the importance of what his father always used to tell him “Everything happens for a reason, you might know the reason today, you might know it tomorrow, maybe next year, maybe in 50 years, but there is always a reason”.

Joe, seeing his friend sitting alone with a drink and remains of a cigarette, noticed that his mind was elsewhere so he decided to interrupt his chain of thoughts and introduce him to a few of his friends. “Hey Ali, what’s taking your thoughts dude? Here, I’d like to introduce you to a few of my friends…….”, And then He saw her, naturally she stood out, with grace and simplicity, pride and respect that was forced on everyone, but in a subtle, gentle way. Heidi was her name, he was captured, but nevertheless, she was still a stranger. They were then introduced to each other by Joe, the host of this gathering and their common friend.

It’s likely that both Ali and Heidi had common chemicals in them that caused an inevitable rapid chemical reaction, like putting sodium and water together, it was internally explosive. He went back to his seat after that because you know, there has to be some kind of withdrawal. Because too much of anything is bad, even if it’s just the beginning of what could be an amazing journey. Now let’s emphasize on the fact that too much of anything is bad, because later on, Ali shall realize the importance of this specific phrase.

A few minutes later, Heidi saw Ali sitting alone sipping his drink and smoking, she approached him saying “Why are you alone? Is everyone else that boring?” with a smile on her face, that smile that became a sight he only wishes to take a glimpse of, for a second of happiness. “No not really, I’m just enjoying a drink and some silence, but you are most welcome to come sit next to me” he said, smiling back at her. She pulled a chair next to him and sat down, and as expected, an hour of a very interesting conversation later, he had asked her out on their first date the next day, to go watch a movie, in the morning. Because it’s cooler like that.

As always, things never go as one would wish they’d do. Turns out that Heidi was only in the country for a vacation, and she resides elsewhere, in a different continent. Which means that the possibility of any strong relationship between them, is kind of far fetched, sadly. We all know that long distance relationships usually turn out ugly, but the chemistry and attraction between them was also inevitable, so they agreed to get together only for the remainder of time she has left in the city before she goes back to her normal life. Kind of like a relationship with an expiry date.

The thought of that itself was exciting for Ali, for both of them actually. In other words, a different kind of experience. But little did Ali know. The first month was like a mini-honeymoon for both of them. They practically spent almost everyday together. Going here and there, first times, it was like a crash course, like fighting with time. They did in one month, what other couple would normally do in a year. But it drained her. And made him get more and more attached to her, and eventually he strayed from the deal they had agreed upon from day one. She was smarter in the way she had controlled her feelings and urges. But he couldn’t. “He pulled an Egyptian.”

You know when Egyptian men in relationships get over protective, obsessive and redundant? I call that “pulling an Egyptian”.

It was very surprising for Ali himself to experience that, because naturally, he is not like that. He’s the cool, interesting person she got introduced to at the gathering a month ago. But he was apparently too overwhelmed with how much he felt towards her and the fact that he hasn’t felt anything towards anyone else like that in ages. So it slipped from him. He couldn’t control his unusual, unreasonable impulses.

She then freaked out, and pulled away. In fear of things getting worse further towards the time of her departure. He tried to explain that he doesn’t usually “pull an Egyptian” but she wouldn’t take other risks. The emotional drain was unnecessary, Smart woman.

After a few days of depression and Heidi withdrawal symptoms. Ali realized she was right, and realized how much he had learned from that experience. She will always be a huge part of his life, even though they’ve been together for a month and a few days. And who knows what the future holds?

Mohammed Jamal


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