The Hocus Pocus in Black Magic

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I always have been and will be fascinated by magic. You see, I’m probably Harry Potter’s biggest fan in the Middle East, dreamed about joining Hogwarts. My favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings’ series. I watched all nine seasons of Charmed, know every episode by heart and I even googled the spells featured on the show in an attempt to memorize them.

However magic is not always about the witch tapping the prince with her wand, turning him into a frog or the ability of true love’s kiss to save someone from eternal sleep. There’s a darker side to it all… there’s Black Magic.

To define Black Magic we can say it’s a form of sorcery which is used for an evil purpose or in the attempt to hurt someone. "Black magic would be invoked to kill, injure, to cause misfortune or destruction, or for personal gain without regard to harmful consequences to others".

If you go online and type Black Magic, hundreds of websites will turn out claiming to contain real Black Magic spells that work and that enable you to get back at someone or to inflict harm on someone.

The funny thing is that almost all websites I came cross start with a similar introduction saying: "This website is very; very different to all the other spell casting websites on the internet, unlike most I cast genuine, powerful spells that grant real, tangible results. If you want REAL spells capable of breathtaking results; you have come to the right place."

The "wizards and witches" creating these websites seem to agree to some basic guide lines concerning the practice of Black Magic. They believe that pure Black Magic WILL delete love and would replace it with rivalry and this can NOT be converted by any means. They believe that Black Magic is powerful enough to rewrite destiny, (good news to all of us who whine and moan about our lives!!) and they also believe that Black Magic gives the magician the power to manipulate and control of situations as they see fit.

In the world of Black Magic you find all sorts of different spells, from binding someone to bad things, to setting something on fire, to smashing someone’s leg, to making someone dream of death, to banishing an enemy, to cursing some with rotten skin and last but not least, erectile cursing which is described as a spell that "makes someone who screwed you and left you to have painful erections for a week". Interesting isn’t it??

Yes, we were all once so innocent to think that magic can only be evil when used to poison a certain apple to kill Snow White or to steal Ariel’s voice in Little Mermaid. That was as far it went for us, little did we know that one day there would be those who would curse the skin off of someone or even put a pin in a bewitched doll’s head making them die.

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