The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Big Cities.

Before you go visit an alien land, you must ask around and take notes. Never depend on the research you do online solely.

Never shop on your first day


This is the worst decision you can make, because you end up wasting more than half of your pocket money and end up on a low budget for the rest of the trip.

Walk around


Save up! Don’t waste your money on trivial matters such as taxis. Walk around, but only in the case that the city itself is safe. You’ll end up killing two birds with one stone: sports and site seeing.

Get your hands on a list of the hidden cities treasure


Not literal treasure, but the places only the city residents know about. Experience it like you’ve lived there your entire life. For example: Downtown or Maadi in Cairo.



Even if you aren’t a foodie, you must eat every now and then. Pick places at random; this alone is one exciting experience on its own. You will discover so many new culinary palettes through your random picks.



Now that it’s your last day in your big city, you can finally shop. That is if you have any money left. For souvenirs, go for the handmade trinkets and traditional items which you’ll find at small shops and street vendors. As for proper shopping, go to the stores that the locals go to. There you will find items at a great quality that are much cheaper than those sold to tourists.



Don’t look like a tourist. The locals are trying to go about their daily life and here you are, getting in their way because you’re on vacation. Dress to blend in with the locals to avoid awkward situations.



Don’t just go for the typical tourist attractions. Experience the city’s culture as well. Go to film screenings, theatre performances, music bars, and art exhibitions.



Yes, a busy city never sleeps, but you should. If you stay out late, try to get an extra couple of hours’ sleep the next day. It’s vital for you to fully enjoy a big city with minimal damage.

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