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ABC’s of the Internet!



The word troll was originally used to refer to a supernatural creature. This barely happens anymore, due to the word’s use on the internet. A troll now means someone who deliberately stirs up arguments, whether it is by picking fights, feigning ignorance to common facts, using racial slurs… etc. A troll is someone who should be avoided at all costs, and engaging them in arguments is referred to as “feeding the trolls.



Recommended for your browsing pleasures


Ownage Pranks Hilarious voice actor sets up random people for phone pranks. He uses his talent in aggravating his poor victims. He not only changes his voice, but his accents too. Go check out his YouTube channel and hear him impersonate Egyptian, Indian, Asian and many more accents.

Zombies, Run!  This clever little app combines the usual health tracking app with an awesome game. It’s pretty basic, you are living through a zombie apocalypse. You must scout for supplies, when you start your run, you should be jogging at a slow speed. When you learn that zombies are close, this is when you run! The game play makes what should be a basic running app interesting.


Recently on the interwebz!


Lady Gaga Gloves

The red gloves Lady Gaga wore to the Oscars have tickled plenty of internet users’ funny bones. Immediately after the Oscars, memes were created ridiculing the odd fashion choice. Come on, Internet, it’s not unlike her to do this kind of thing!


And that, Kids, is How I Joined ISIS

A new trending topic started in Egypt, ridiculing those who justify joining ISIS. They responded to those claiming that the not exactly great state of the country is the reason behind some Egyptians joining ISIS. The hashtag which translates to “so he joined ISIS” included hilarious tweets like “a girl said ‘you’re like a brother to me’ so he joined ISIS” and plenty more gems.





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