The Geek Club Vol IV

ABC’s of the Internet

LEET or 1337 is an internet cipher where letters of the alphabet are replaced with numbers and symbols which look like them. For example: in the word LEET, L is replaced by 1, E is replaced by 3 and T is replaced by 7. The transliteration into 1337 is quite easy to read and write. So it is not an extremely effective encryption. Leet is derived from the word elite and was created in the 80s. Some say it was created so that forbidden topics like hacking could be discussed and go undetected. Now, it has become mainstream. And it is used to mock newbies in online communities.


Recommended for your browsing pleasures

Biddythehedgehog: This Instagram account is by far the cutest we’ve ever seen. Biddy the hedgehog’s owners travel a lot. And they upload the fuzziest, snuggliest photos of him to this account!

FilmmakerIQ:  No film buff can resist this website and its Facebook page. Extremely informative content on famous movies, directors and actors can be found there. The website contains documentaries, behind the scene footages and interviews.


Recently on the interwebz!

CC Selfie!

This new application entertained us for days. It allows you to snap a photo of yourself, then add the one and only Sisi to it. The app developers clarify in the description that their political inclinations have nothing to do with the application.

Big Brother is Watching You

It is now legal to keep surveillance over internet activity. This piece of news was met with outrage, and lots of sarcasm, from the Egyptian public. Within days of the news, the hashtag saying “we are being watched” was trending. The Big Brother craze is still going until now.




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