The Geek Club – The Modern Woman’s Guide to the Interwebz Vol VI

ABC’s of the Internet!


Rule 34

Now that we have established what a meme is, let’s introduce one of the most interesting memes: Rule 34. The rule is part of the Rules of the Internet list made by Anonymous. It states that “if it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions”. The humorous rule might just be true due to all the pornographic fan fiction and unorthodox fetishes. Rule 34 has plenty of references on the internet, and is used on message boards whenever appropriate.




Recommended for your browsing pleasures


TheFineBros: The Fine Brothers is a YouTube channel managed by… you guessed it, two brothers. They produce web different web episodes including Elders React, Teens React and Kids React. Their channel is very popular due to the hilarious, genuine content presented in each of their episodes. We definitely recommend checking them out.  A website that serves as an Egyptian fashion directory. The website offers tips and tricks on everything related to fashion. You can find articles about which stores currently have discounts, fashion tips and tricks, and a lot more.  


Recently on the interwebz!


Whatsapp’s Blue Tick – Ruining Friendships

The internet was taken by storm when Whatsapp’s new update included a blue tick that shows you when the recipient read your message. Once news of this new feature came out, panic ensued. Posts about the blue tick spread on social media pages for days.


Chemistry Experiment Gone Horribly Wrong

Recently, a video started circulating on social media channels of a horrible, yet hilarious, chemistry experiment accident. The video was shot by a student using a mobile phone camera. In it, the teacher is conducting an experiment which results in an explosion which was clearly not supposed to happen. One of the students yells “Allah alaik ya ostaz!” which, of course, turned into a meme of its own. 

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