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ABC’s of the Internet!

Fan Fiction [fan fic, fanfic or just fic]

Weren’t you ever upset when your favorite characters from movies, series or books didn’t do what you wanted them to do? Fan Fiction is the answer to that question. The writer uses characters and atmospheres from other works of art. The concept itself isn’t new and has been done since as early as the 15th century. However, it became extremely popular on the internet. There are websites and forums dedicated to this kind of literature. One of the most famous works of fan fiction is 50 Shades of Grey. It started out as a Twilight fan fiction, believe it or not!


Recommended for your browsing pleasures

Savlonic: Savlonic is an electronic music band who received substantial recognition online. Their songs were animated by famed YouTuber, Weebl. Some of their work can be found on iTunes. The band, however, is working on an album. A kickstarter page was made to support their album. Give them a listen, you won’t regret it.

Akinator:  Old is gold. This website entertained us years ago and still does now. Akinator is a bot that guesses almost any character you can think of. It does so by asking questions and using a process of elimination. The best part is that it accumulates information from each participant. Thus, becoming more clever the more people use it.


Recently on the interwebz!

Anaconda: The Real Deal

You’re sailing in a small boat and suddenly encounter an anaconda. The logical thing would be to paddle in the other direction with the fervor of a thousand burning suns! That’s not what some Brazilians did, though. They chased that anaconda, grabbed its tail, dragged it a little and got everything on video! The video gained 10 million views in a week on YouTube. Scary!

=3’s New Host is in!

Robby Motz was picked to be the new host of the popular web series Equals Three. And still, many fans are still skeptical of anyone’s capability to fill Ray William Johnson’s shoes. After reviewing many of the videos, we’ve decided that we actually like Robby. The new host is funny, engaging, charismatic, and has a distinct sense of humor. Good luck, Motz!

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