The Geek Club – The Modern Woman’s Guide to the Interwebz Vol III

ABC’s of the Internet!

Anonymous is a name that we all heard extensively during the last few years. The group mainly does cyber activism. They have hacked into various governmental websites, called for cyber protests and even real ones.

Who are they, though?

Well, here’s the thing. Nobody really knows. What we know for sure is that the group first emerged from the extremely popular online forum /b/. This forum is dedicated to the underground internet culture – although now it has become fairly mainstream. Anonymous are still active. They are extremely hard to track by governments, mostly due to the fact that anyone could join the group. As well as the fact that most of them are expert hackers.


Recommended for your browsing pleasures

Jacksfilms: This youtube channel is run by online celebrity Jack Douglas. He mostly does sketches that last from 5 to 10 minutes. The channel’s most successful series is Your Grammar Sucks. In this show, Jack reads comments from social media with terrible grammar and spelling mistakes. We definitely love his witty, sarcastic sense of humor.

Algehaz:  The “device” that was “invented” to cure AIDS, hepatitis C, cancer and God knows what else, has been getting a lot of heat. The internet doesn’t seem to be running out of jokes about it anytime soon. Now, a website was launched This website lets you enter whatever ailment you have. Then it magically treats you, of course. What a way to spread awareness using the internet and lots of sarcasm!

Ten Second Songs: This is a new youtube channel. Only two videos have been uploaded so far. The first one reached a staggering five million views in one month! The video was a cover of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse in 20 different styles that ranged from Black Sabbath to Queen to John Mayer. The channel owner is a talented musician who promises more where this came from!


Recently on the interwebz!


Oh No He Didn’t! James Franco’s Cyber-Scandal

James Franco’s Instagram is one of the most active and popular celebrity Instagram accounts out there. Too bad it recently got him in trouble. A fan took a selfie with him in the background and tagged him upon his request. After that, the fan – who happened to be 17 – received direct messages from Franco. After some flirting, Franco asked to see her in private. The fan politely declined, saying she’ll come back when she’s 18. We need to point out that the age of consent in NYC – where the incident took place – is 17. So technically, Franco isn’t in the wrong.

Casting for Equals Three

When youtube celebrity Ray William Johnson declared that he will no longer be doing Equals Three, we all felt like it was the end of an era. Ray has been hosting this show on youtube since 2009! The show, which reviews viral videos, will continue, though. Ray will be casting a new host soon. We can’t wait to see who gets it.

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