The Geek Club – The modern woman’s guide to the interwebz Vol II

ABC’s of the Internet!

Viral videos! You probably know this one already, but there’s no harm in making sure. A video can only be called viral when it is shared by many people all over the world. This happens usually because the video is funny, shocking or cute. Cute videos almost always go viral, because who wouldn’t share a video of a fluffy little kitten? Nobody!
Viral videos’ increasing popularity created what is now known as a viral ad campaign. Companies stage videos that go under the aforementioned viral categories regularly. And they just let them do their magic! In fact, staging a viral video is so easy that Jimmy Kimmel did it a few months back. He then revealed that the video was staged by him after it went viral. 

Recommended for your browsing pleasures

Grav3yardgirl: This youtube channel has become one of my personal favorites. This adorable girl from Texas does makeup and hair tutorials and product reviews. What’s so special about her? She’s entertaining! The reason why I never like beauty gurus on youtube is because they bore me out of my mind. This girl, however, is hilarious. She doesn’t take herself seriously and is a joy to watch. She’s also really good at what she does! Go check her channel out.
New Guilty Pleasure – Arab Vines: Those boys and girls are absolutely hilarious. The Facebook page features vine videos sent by Arabs from all over the world. Some contributors are exceptionally popular and are starting to have their own following like Mohanad AlHattab from Syria and Sherif Fayad from Egypt.

Recently on the interwebz!

The 90s are back!
El-Wekala is a youtube channel that seems to have come out of nowhere! With a hilarious video featuring the 90s favorite One Hit Wonder, Hossam Hosny and Cairokee’s Amir Eid. Needless to say, the video is hilarious and we’re looking forward for more!
Kofta Therapy
The internet exploded after the Armed Forces issued a statement declaring that a cure for AIDS has been found. No one could believe their ears when the man behind it said that it turns the disease into nutrients. He then elaborated by saying it’s as if they’ve turned AIDS into kofta. The fact that the device looks like a stapler gun with an antenna stuck to it didn’t help their case. Since then, a meme of the kofta statement was made. You can’t scroll through facebook and not see at least one joke about it.
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