The Fondue Pot

Cozy, Aromatic and Delicious!

All the comfort and quality of Switzerland may now be tasted right here in Heliopolis! Forget about packing your bags and taking refuge in the Alps, two young wonderful ladies, Natalie and Mariam Ghamrawy, have brought it to you in Egypt. With heart shaped wooden chairs, red andwhite-checkered table settings, and an original Swiss Cuckoo clock, the Fondue Pot will make you feel like you are in a warm Swiss chalet.

The Fondue Pot isthe first fully integrated Fondue restaurant in Egypt, offering all types of Fondue ranging from Cheese Fondue, Bourguignon, Bouillon, Tatar Hat, Hot Stone, Raclette and sweet Fondues. The young ladies have added a local twist to the otherwise traditional meal through new and exciting variations of the dishes presented, which we loved especially the Meditation cheese mix.

Guests, who enjoy the journey of Fondue starting with the original imported cheese mixture with various vegetables and delicious bread and ending with the mouthwatering Swiss chocolate Fondue served along with fresh fruits and cakes.You can also buy Fondue sets to try and make at home.  For first timers, the Fondue Pot is a great place to do something new with friends and family while tasting high-quality steaks, chicken, cheeses, and chocolate served in an unconventional way.

The Swiss hub is ideal for winter and one can only imagine how wonderful it will be then; however, we also very much enjoyed the refreshing salads with Emmental cheese and desserts that are devouring all year long. What is very special about the Fondue Pot is the experience of sharing food around a table and cooking one’s own. You have the option to grill, boil, or fry your meat right at your table while customizing the sauce and tenderness to your preference. It is more of an adventure filled with laughter, enjoyment, and high-quality food instead of the sit-eat-and-go usual dinning routine.

Whether you are looking for a unique dining experience or you are already a Fondue lover, the Fondue Pot is your place to go. After all who doesn’t love cheese and Swiss chocolate?


The Fondue Pot is located at 6 El ShahidAbdelMoneim Hafez St. off Nozha St, Helioplis, Cairo, 

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