The Earthly Paradise of Relaxation at InterContinental Semiramis Spa

Stressed, overwhelmed with all the duties bombarding, and desperately in need of zero thought? We know just the right place for you! It’s InterContinental Semiramis Spa or we may just call it the earthly paradise of relaxation. From the moment you step a foot inside, all the worries and stressors seem to vanish!

They definitely set the bar too high with their professional staff from all over the world who know the right thing to do. All you need to do is tell them what your concerns are, and they’ll hook you up with the perfect treatment that works best for you.

We have tried their Art of Tahtib treatment, a heavy pressure treatment using a stick from Kenya.

Courtesy of InterContinental Semiramis Spa

Beside their outstanding Art of Tahtib, they have their signature Semiramis treatment which is a mix of European and Asian techniques, focusing on the areas of concern or problem. They also offer the Four Handed Indulgence treatment, through which two therapists massage the body at the same time.

They got their Thai massage all the way from Thailand, stretching the tension of the body. The Hammam ritual is yet another item on their wellness programs with steam to remove the dead-skin cells, improve the circulation, and leave the skin glowing after intensive scrub and a one-hour massage.

Not only do they offer amazing massages, but also provide various types of facial treatments based on skin type analysis and its needs. Who doesn’t need a facial in this weather?

With their extremely soothing ambiance, fabulous rooms and friendly staff, the spa’s highly demanded service is for the joint couple treatments in their couples’ suit where they can enjoy Jacuzzi, massage, lunch, and more!

The spa’s state-of-the-art a fully equipped Fitness Centre will get you into perfect shape. Imagine working out every morning with a stunning Nile view!  You should also head to the outdoor swimming pool for a fresh dip after your workout session.

They’re now offering a complementary body scrub for Thai massage and two free personal training sessions if you book eight! Hurry up and try their different packages to enjoy all their various facilities in the gym or on the pool, we guarantee you a total lift up to your mood and a day of non-stop smiling!

Semiramis Spa will give our dear readers 15% on all treatments and massages and 30% on annual gym memberships. Show this review at the spa’s reception and get your discount. Promocode: WWWLOVESSEMIRAMIS.

For reservations please call 27988080 or message 01029986364


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