The Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Trends 07

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Coat with belt

Totally in, but don’t wear any long scarf with its ends dangling, it will irritate the view on the belt. Do wear big high neck pullovers or put the scarf ends inside the coat.

Tights with sandals and pumps

Don’t wear transparent tights or voiles. Do wear opaque tights to your pumps or sandals, preferably black!



Don’t do that eighties thing and combine leggings with sneaker. Do wear high heels or ballerinas.


Don’t settle for small and delicate necklaces, this season it’s big chains. Do drape several necklaces around your neck or wrap around a long one several time.

Go for Gold

Don’t wear any jewelry with your all gold look. Do wear you hear as your jewelry, either straight locks or tied back.

Grey outfits

Don’t wear a complete outfit in the same grey shade. Do combine and match different grey shades to add some style.

Black & White Look

Don’t combine the black and white look with any other colors. This season it’s purity. Do wear silver or gold accessories.







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