The Devil Wears An Apron… Even in Ramadan

Asmaa Gaber, fabulous foodie and cook extraordinaire, gives us her best tips on surviving Ramadan!

What are your tips for people cooking for themselves for the very first time this Ramadan?

First, prepare frozen meals ahead so you don’t end up ordering junk food (marinated chicken, cubed veggies, ready stuffing like spinach and cheese, or cooked minced beef for gollash or sambosak). Second, don’t overdo it! As a start, one pot meals are the best with a simple plate of salad or soup and you are ready to go.

What are your favorite places to have Sohour?

Traditional ones! I love Sohour in Hussein and surrounding areas. You will have the best time eating traditional food, having a cup of tea at any coffee shop and having a walk in these old and beautiful streets.

Do you have a Ramadan specialty dish? If so, what is it?

Sha3reya with meat and roasted almonds! I have been cooking this in Ramadan for the past three years and it’s perfect! One pot recipe, tastes different and amazing!

What is the easiest Ramadan dessert one could make when pressed for time?

I buy Atayef, fry them, dip them in syrup (prepared ahead and stored in the fridge) and fill them with whatever I want! Cream, Nutella, lotus, nuts or all together.

What are the food items one must keep in their fridge all throughout Ramadan?

Rayeb, yogurt, Ramadan drinks, fava bean cans, ready-made dipping like hummus, and dates.

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