The Devil Eats Kebda – Street Food for Fabulous People (Maadi Edition)



When you think “Maadi” the first thing that comes to mind isn’t great street food; great restaurants, maybe, but not great street food. That’s only because you don’t know where to look. There are great places to have authentic, Egyptian street food all over Maadi. You just need to know where to look. We’ve rounded up our absolute favorites.





Laselky Street’s Foul Cart

If you’ve ever tried the All-Egyptian mashed fava beans and falafel from a cart, then you definitely know that no restaurant’s version will ever compare to it. The delicious breakfast will include foul, falafel, fries, eggplants, and pickles.


Batatsekoo (Om Ashraf)

At first, we couldn’t believe that a sandwich place which only serves French Fries sandwiches can survive. However, we were told that not only did the little cart survive, but it turned into a restaurant. Om Ashraf was known for her great French Fries sandwiches, which she served out of a cart. Her sons now manage a little restaurant that serves the same delicious sandwiches, spiced with chili peppers and tomato slices.


El Gorn

Egyptians are known for eating just about the entire cow. Enter El Gorn, which serves some of Egypt’s most beloved meat treats. There’s mombar (stuffed intestines), liver, kofta (meatballs), and many more delicious, extremely Egyptian foods. This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re adventurous enough, we totally recommend it. Just make sure you take it easy, because although delicious, it’s very greasy.


Said’s Koshary

We love our mama’s koshary as much as the next Egyptian. We even think it’s the best koshary out there! Still, we’re pretty sure nothing can compete with street koshary. Said, like Om Ashraf, started out on a cart and ended up with a koshary restaurant. We’re not sure what they add to their recipe, but we haven’t had koshary this delicious in years!


Abu Adham

Take El Gorn’s treats, put them in a sandwich, and you have Abu Adham. Liver sandwiches are an Egyptian specialty, and their liver sandwiches are to die for!




Foul Cart: between El Nakhil Hospital and Total Gas Station. Laselky St. Maadi.

Batatsekoo: Next to Modern Academy. Maadi.

El Gorn: Ahmed Zaki St. Maadi.

Said’s Koshary: Nour El Din st. Next to Maadi Court. Maadi.

Abu Adham: Abu Brek st. Next to Nasr Mosque. Maadi.

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