The Daily Morning Combat & I need to go shopping honey!

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Waking up early has always been my worst nightmare. And because my regular working hours are from 9 am it requires waking up early to get ready for work, and I depend on my wife to do that. My wife wakes up early everyday. In other words, so early that I cannot harmonize with or dream of doing so on my own. After the first few months of marriage I found out that my wife has this disease which is unwillingly waking up really early on any day of the week including weekends as well. I go to bed late each night around 2 or 3 am so it would be impossible for me to wake up at 7am of the same day especially during weekends. It would be like waking up twice on the same day!! It took us sometime until I was able to convince her to change her sleeping habits or at least leave me sleeping till I wake up on my own.



During weekdays, my wife is the one who wakes us up. I found out that she wakes up nearly an hour earlier than the time we leave home. That is of course triple the time I need to get ready before work. I woke up once by coincidence to find myself covered in a mountain of clothes that belong to her while she is standing there in front of the mirror trying on clothes. I thought to myself that this is just one of those days where she is confused and doesn’t know what to put on. Another day, I woke up to find the same scene repeating itself which I later recognized as the “Daily Morning Combat”. Every morning my wife wakes up an hour early before it is time to leave for work so she can face her destiny and the new daily challenge “what to wear today?”  I tried but never really understood that daily perplexity that my wife goes through. And I quit my trials when it turned out to be each woman’s – not just my woman’s – daily battle.  It is all about matching clothes together; matching colors, styles, accessories, make up, hair style, bag, shoes and perfume. That’s really crazy. Thank God I am a male.

As a male I wonder what’s with that daily clothes problem, which as usual ends up with more problems for me. The biggest problem always has the tag “I need to go shopping”; yes shopping, it’s the one thing we will never understand about women. What is it with shopping that puts you women in a different mood?  That ecstatic feeling that no drug on earth can provide? It’s the simple answer to any problem a woman faces at anytime and it’s the one thing that changes a female’s mood in no time.

I found out that all females love shopping by default. It’s inherited with their genes and by time turns into an attitude and more of a way of living. You can engage in any conversation with a female and all of a sudden she says “I want to go shopping”. What made her say that out of the blue? Was it something you said or something you did? Was it something she saw? Maybe it was another female wearing something she wanted to buy or maybe it’s something she wanted to buy a match for. It’s complicated and we might never find out what triggers that shopping fever feeling for females or even if it will end after any shopping trip one day.

Men are always the main victim when it comes to shopping. We never understood the problem with all these things one has to match each time when getting ready for work or any outing. A very common mistake every man makes when seeing his wife confused in the morning is going simply to her side of the closet and trying to offer her solutions and suggesting items to match together.  The easiest solution might sound as simple as saying “you need to go shopping dear”! But that’s another mistake that might get you into even more trouble. These words when said at the wrong time might be in return faced with severe anger and rage from your wife. These words might be perceived in the wrong way that shows how you look down on her fashion style and clothes selection which is something no female will let go without a decent fight. On the other hand if anger is not the reaction then it’s your money that will be in danger now. My last advice is to never try to understand the intense relation between women and shopping.


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