Gazef: The Bucket-list busters

This year, Gazef, an adventure travel agency will help you check-off your bucket list! Gazef offers adventures that will not only give you the adrenaline rush you’re looking for but even better, show you a new way of seeing life and a chance to get out of your comfort zone and delve  into the wilderness. We were instantly hooked after meeting with Mohamed Shabrawy, Their Co-founder and Marketing Director.

Most people have stopped going to travel agencies, what do you offer that I can’t get on my own by browsing online?

We don’t just hook you up with accommodation and tickets. We go through every step with you in order to offer you an itinerary that will keep you occupied entirely throughout the adventure. The itinerary is created after a friendly consult, where we customize your adventure according to your personality.

On what criteria do you base your destination choices?

We pick locations that are out of the ordinary, then we filter based on how interesting the location is and whether or not the activities we’re aiming for are feasible. Affordability is also a factor. We explore the locations on our own beforehand and make sure they’re the perfect choice.

What is the age bracket suitable for these adventures?

We target pretty much all ages, but your ability to join in on an adventure is based on how physically able you are. Age isn’t a factor as much as your ability to keep up is.

Why do you consider yourselves different than other adventure travel agencies in Egypt?

Our activities have a much larger variation. We integrate daring adventures that other agencies do not include so we deal with travellers who are willing to be adventurous and take risks. We’re also more affordable than other agencies.

What are the obstacles you face as entrepreneurs?

The concern was our credibility, which came in through word of mouth, and the fact that we communicate with our travelers on a really personal level via a social media campaign where we speak about each of our travelers.

Do you group your travelers according to a system or randomly? For example how would you deal with elders?

It’s based on the adventure. The location and the activities are an important factor in order to make sure every traveler is satisfied. You can travel alone with one of our guides, which is recommended for elders, or with a group. Either way you’ll be perfectly matched to your destination.

What’s new next year?

We’re planning for adventures across the Indochina Peninsula, passing through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. There’s also an upcoming Costa Rica adventure.

Traveler’s Backpack Tips from Gazef:

In your backpack you should pack, the least amount of clothes possible, a couple of lightweight sweaters and shirts, jeans and a pair of shorts are enough.

A pair of comfortable shoes that are suitable for hiking and climbing.

Flashlight and a mosquito repellant for some destinations.

Sleeping bags are optional, and are provided for a rental-fee.



For additional information visit their website at or contact them on +20 2 678 1631

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