The Breakfast Club – What children around the world have for Breakfast

You would be surprised to know that even breakfast, the most important meal of the day, differs from one country to the next. Not all kids have the all-Egyptian eggs, cheese and beans with bread; or even the American alternative, cereal. Here’s a list of breakfasts from all around the world. You might want to consider them to shake things up on your menu!


The French, as expected, have a sweet and delicate breakfast. Croissant, savory or chocolate-filled, and jam on toast are some of the most popular breakfast options. Knowing that France is renowned for its delicious bakeries, this comes as no surprise.

Who has rice for breakfast? Japan does! A traditional Japanese breakfast consists of steamed rice and Miso soup. This soup consists of tofu, green onions, seaweed and more ingredients depending on the recipe. Next to that, a side of fish could be added!

All Scandinavian countries are different, and so are their breakfasts. However, the most common breakfast in all those countries are open sandwiches. Slices of bread are buttered and then cheese and cold cuts are applied and voila, breakfast is served!

Yet another breakfast to contain rice. Hawaiian breakfasts usually include Portuguese sausages, eggs and white rice.

This breakfast is not for everyone. Chinese breakfasts are quite different. And pretty much anything is fair game. You can have noodles with your choice of beef and veggies, salty egg pancakes or rice dumplings in bamboo leaves. If those are not enough, you can have dough dumplings! All kinds are available, steamed, boiled or fried; and with fillings of beef or vegetables.

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