The Big Recycling Theory: Rewind, Rearrange, Recycle

The circle of life isn’t always a philosophical phrase, nor is it always religious. Everything in life is reusable, recycle-able. We just need to use what the universe has given us the right way. We mean this, both literally and metaphorically. Physical recycling is a wonderful concept and it can save the earth, but there’s more. Friends, career, love and life itself; all those things can change drastically – to our benefit – if only we recycled them the right way.




Time after time, we were told to never give up on our dreams. Generations after generations were led to believe that if they do not end up doing what they had originally set out to do, they’ve failed. That is simply not true. Some people pursue certain things for years, only to realize that their calling is something entirely different. Many can dismiss this theory as a defeatist’s attempt to make peace with their lives. However, it’s hard to believe that each person has one calling and one calling only.


You would be surprised to know that many iconic successful figures started out doing something entirely different from what they ended up being remembered for.

 Marilyn Manson is a former music journalist

Ismail Yassine wanted to be a singer. If you recall the songs in his wanted to be a singer. Yassine didn’t fit the “caliber” for being a singer back in the day. He did go on to sing funny monologues. One thing led to another, and he landed roles on the silver screen. Now, he’s the most iconic comedic actor in Egypt’s history! Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp both set out to be bass players. They both played in rock bands. Needless to say, their charisma landed them acting roles quickly – especially Keanu, who had been acting since his school days. Right now, both of them are iconic actors, loved by generations. Bassem Youssef went from being a successful surgeon, to being a successful satire show host. The multi-talented Bassem Youssef is a fine example that some people do have more than one thing to offer this world. Marilyn Manson is a former music journalist! He actually studied journalism at a community college. And since he was interested in the music field, he ended up meeting plenty of musicians. Wheels were in motion from this point onwards, and a legend was made. Nelly Karim is a former ballerina. Nelly danced her way off the stage and into television and movie sets, only to become a beautifully radiant actress later on. Bassem Samra originally graduated from Fine Arts College and worked briefly as an industrial art teacher. Can you imagine Bassem Samra as a teacher? Alaa El Aswany is not only a great storyteller, but apparently also a man of medicine. Aswany was a dentist way before he turns to writing. He wrote some of the most famous pieces of modern Egyptian literature. And he’s got a Masters in dentistry from the University of Illinois! Not only that, but he also still works as one of the most eloquent dentists in his Garden City clinic.


Of course, changing your life’s path doesn’t always land you celebrity status. Sometimes, it just works out for the best for you. And isn’t that good enough? After all, fame and fortune don’t necessarily equal success, or more importantly, happiness.


Meet Our Favorite Career Recyclists



Did you know that conceptual photographer and famous Instagrammer, Ahmed El Abi is actually a doctor? Not only did he get his degree in 7 years, but he also worked as a nutritionist for 5 years. He eventually decided he’ll move on to doing something he really is passionate about, “I always knew that I would take this jump”, he says. Abi went from doctor to photographer and he couldn’t be happier, “My friends can tell you that now I’m able to laugh”, he tells.


Ahmed graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer science. He worked in advertising then in retail. However, photography was always a constant in his life. Then he decided to quit everything and do photography. He was encouraged by almost everyone, and when some said he was making the wrong choice, but he never listened to them. “My degree in computer science ended up helping me a lot”, he says. Ahmed’s Studio X is now a photography success story.


Co-founder of the now renowned Arts Mart gallery was an economist. She had always been passionate about art. She had even doubled majored in economics and art. Still, she had gotten her masters and worked as an economist for years. Then she decided to pursue her artistic dreams. And that’s how we now have Arts Mart, the first online art of this magnitude gallery in the region.



Heba’s venture into photography was unexpected to her. She had been working as an architect, and it took her a while to plan her career as a photographer. Heba had a passion for architecture in an academic way. What she wanted to do for a living was photography. Her work for 8 years as an engineer did come in handy when she finally made the shift into photography.



Karim worked in private banking for years. He had always disliked this job and felt it was robotic, “it sucked the life out of me”, he says. After a car accident, he decided he will turn his life around. He stayed home for 6 months and did plenty of soul searching. Then, a friend suggested that he would do the marketing for Kriss Beauty Salons. He accepted the job and is now doing something that he believes in and that makes him genuinely happy.



Natalie studied pharmacy. She worked in advertisement, and then PR when she graduated. Though successful, she has always had a passion for food. She decided to use her mom’s fondue in a restaurant. Her parents were supportive of the idea. After studying the project, she ended up creating The Fondue Pot! “I’ve always been a risk taker I didn’t imagine what big of a risk it was bas I went ahead and I did it”, Natalie tells us. 




We’ve all had friends who would drift away then come back into our lives. And as we grow older, we find that easier to deal with. You will find that as you reach your mid-twenties, you will not only understand, but also relate when your friends disappear for a while.


Burning bridges can only worsen most situations.



Life can be overwhelming, and we only start really grasping that concept when we’ve passed our mid-twenties and are approaching our 30s. And this is when we find ourselves re-connecting with long-lost friends. Friends we’ve known at school or university, cousins and even friends we’ve had falling outs with. We realize that feuds, fights and drifting apart are no longer reason enough to not know people.


It’s not only an emotional decision, but also a logical one. Burning bridges can only worsen most situations. And as we mature, we realize that, and find ourselves recycling our old friends. So take a look at your phonebook and arrange a reunion. You won’t regret it.





We always hear others saying “re-invent yourself”, but what is that supposed to mean? You don’t want to change who you are. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t. Yet, there are things that you can do to revamp your life.


 Indulge in a book of your choice whenever you can.



Take a step back and look at your life, are you happy the way you are? What causes you to be unhappy? Can you take a break from it? All of those are questions you should be asking yourself. Decide to give yourself some time for yourself. Indulge in a book of your choice whenever you can. Pick up painting, writing or a sport.


Meditate whenever you can and eat healthy. You are stuck with one body for your entire life, so make the most of it. Keep it healthy, because that will be the only way you can re-use it for years onwards.


Recycling is a Lifestyle


As you re-invent your life, you will find yourself trying to start afresh on lots of different aspects. It’s not just a recycled career, set of friends or relationship you need, it’s a recycled outlook. And a recycled outlook on life often involves trying to live in a healthier world. There are people who take on the challenge of making the world a better place.


 It’s not just a recycled career, set of friends or relationship you need, it’s a recycled outlook.


It is not an easy task, especially in a country like Egypt. Yet, they still try. Here are two examples of people doing their best to make the world a better place, using recycling concepts.

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