The Best Ways to spend Quality time with your daughter!

I take her for a swim three times a week, and we have a little paddling pool for the weekends.


She loves pretending to make food and feed anyone around, especially the dogs.


Another favorite of hers is a bead roller, as she loves to identify colors and shapes. She would sit and count the beads, and tell me what color and shape they are.


We had a five-month Moana phase; she would ask to play the songs in the car on the way home from school, and watch the movie on repeat.


We love to read before bedtime, and I discovered a series of books called “Big Dreams Little People”. These books simplify the biographies of women and men that have contributed to history. Her favorite at the moment is Frida Kahlo because of her paintings.


Poochi, a robot dog that you can feed and pet. We have actual dogs but she has a thing for Poochi.


She loves to put her toys to sleep, so she sits in her rocking chair and rocks them to sleep. Usually we are not allowed within the vicinity of the room when she is doing this.


Jamila is in love with a cartoon about a little girl who is a doctor for her toys. Now she goes around checking on everyone and everything with her doctor’s kit.

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