The Battle that Changed my Life

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As a cancer patient and survivor, I feel inspired to share my experience as a source of hope and encouragement to thousands of fellow patients and their loved ones. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2002. Newly married and just blessed with a baby, the diagnosis changed my life. My limited awareness of cancer made the disease’s association with death seem inevitable. The largely unrecognized truth is that a lot of cancer patients recover and continue their lives with immense appreciation and gratitude for life’s simple blessings. The shift that followed my initial shock was slow; it required immense resilience. My road to recovery has been paved with the psychological support of my family, as my mother constantly gave me the strength to push ahead as well as my husband’s love and loyalty which was an inspiration. Sadly, in our society, the lack of disease awareness and the financial burden it represents have driven many husbands to desert their wives at the worst possible time, making divorce a frequent occurrence amongst women diagnosed with cancer. The point of my story is not to share how lucky I was, but to emphasize that my case is unique. I was fortunate enough to have private health insurance. The cost of cancer treatments that hold so much hope is immense, making them unattainable for most patients in dire need. During my illness, I came across many patients struggling to find the resources to pay for potentially life-saving treatments. It is crucial that government and official health organizations address the treatment challenges facing cancer patients. While there are many factors influencing recovery, money shouldn’t be one of them. Having been through the experience, I joined CanSurvive, an NGO that supports cancer patients. I hope I can make a positive difference in the lives of many others touched by cancer. For any further information call Cansurvive on 16197

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