The associates of ACCOR … and CARREFOUR Egypt: Together we are Generous

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For the fourth consecutive year; Accor Worldwide holds a Solidarity day, aiming to support disadvantaged communities.

This year 2009, Accor Egypt organized the solidarity day in cooperation with Carrefour; a day to remember.

Ahmed Mourad – Director of Human Resources, Training & Sustainable Development of Accor Hotels Egypt – elaborated:

“We believe in our important role in taking care of the surrounding communities at same level as we do for our business. As every year, the associates of Accor are playing a distinguished role in helping disadvantaged communities by collecting funds, food supply, clothes and toys for the benefit of the disadvantaged population, orphans and or disabled children. The action is directed by Accor and in cooperation with Carrefour Egypt to donate 2000 bags of elementary food supply, organizing a lunch around the swimming pool of the hotel NOVOTEL Cairo Airport for the orphanages “El Sondos Institute” whereby around 90 orphans and their 40 teachers have attended the lunch buffet accompanied by a band, magician and gifts.

Also, several celebrities have attended the event such as: Ihab Tawfic, Mohammed Nour, May Selim and Menna Arafa.

A Collect from the Heart

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