The Alluring Enigma

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Magic, supernatural powers, astrology, witchcraft, fortune telling. All these concepts, and many more, are ones that we find attractive, sometimes even seductive. They tickle our curiosity and entertain us immensely and we find ourselves wanting to know more about them. Some of us go as far as seeking these methods to solve our problems, and this is definitely not restricted to ignorant or illiterate people. Some of the most intellectual people out there seek many of these ‘arts’, sometimes to the extent of consulting them about how they should go about their daily lives.


Many famous celebrities and politicians take life-changing decisions based on what their fortune tellers will recommend or how the tarot cards came out in answer to their thoughts. And, when we; the regular people, find these icons of society following these methods in their lives and making major decisions that way, we can’t help but find these enigmas even more attractive and alluring. We might go as far as seeking them to answer our own questions and solve our own dilemmas.


So, why is it that we find these enigmas so intriguing? Even if we don’t seek them, we definitely enjoy listening to stories about them or reading about them in books or articles. So, what is it that enchants us about magic?


Since the beginning of time, humans have been on a quest to find something to believe in; a greater power that explains why things are the way they are, a divine and supreme being that controls what we cannot control. This is evident even in our religions since our ‘divinity’ is the God we believe created the universe and believe will reward us in the life hereafter. It all boils down to needing to believe in something that is not tangible, something that is almighty and all-powerful.


So perhaps the reason some of us choose to believe in magic is the same reason some of us believe in God. We need to know that there is a reason why things are the way they are and we need proof that other ‘beings’ exist out there. Maybe that will reinforce our belief in God, or maybe it will revert our belief in God to other ‘beings’, simply because they gave us answers and solutions. It might even overthrow our belief in a divine being altogether, but I guess this is a risk that must be taken in this case.


I guess seeking magic to answer our pressing questions is not altogether unreasonable. There is logic in the reason, no matter what the chosen path is.

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