The 5 Most Badass Female Characters this Ramadan

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


We all love an empowering female character, one that is not too idealistic, real, and doesn’t let men be the only heroes of the show.  Whether it be because they stood up for love, or even usurped a throne, this Ramadan we’ve seen some of the most interestingly powerful female characters. Here’s a list of our favorites:



Mariam Nada – Taht El Saytara by Nelly Karim




Whether we agree with her decisions or not, Mariam from Taht El Saytara has perseverance. Nelly Karim gives an extraordinary performance as a recovering addict with a series of unfortunate events – including a relapse to her drug habit. Nelly portrays the strong exterior of a woman trying to let go of her past and move on.




Nasra – Hawary Bucharest by Dina



Dina, or Nasra, is a motherly figure to her younger siblings who were orphaned early on. Side by side with her eldest brother, Sayed, Nasra manages to hide her pain, her love for another man and her burdening secrets in order to create a stable environment for her siblings at home. She faces her demons alone yet protects her own like a lion. 




Sahar – Al Ahd by Ghada Adel



Due to the fantasy-filled medieval time the series is set in, and the fact that she has healing superpowers, Sahar has been separated from her sister and given the identity of the leader of the Kafr in front of the people. Dressed in drag, Sahar is still a strong woman trying to break out of the prison created around her.




Fatma – Haret El Yahoud by Basma Yasser



At a time where standing up for yourself as a woman barely existed, Basma Yasser’s character, Fatma, strikes us with an outstanding speech where she asks for equal rights to fall in love as her older brother. She demanded of her parents’ approval of her marriage to the love of her life, and confronted them with their double standards – as they have approved of her brother’s relationship, but not hers.



Adeela – Ostaz w Ra’es Qesm by Safaa El Toukhy



Adeela combines motherly love with the discipline of a school’s principle. Her mesmerizing love and care without being a mother at an old age shows the tenderness, as well as the independence and discipline every woman at her age would wish for.

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