The 36-Photo Limit was A Blessing! Print out photos and stop taking them for granted…

I personally believe that Kodak 35mm film cameras were gems! These old school photography assets made us learn the value of each photo taken due to the 36-photo limit. Shots weren’t taken for granted; we made an effort to save one last photo for the best adventure.

Today, we take copious amounts of instant photos and share with the world… immediately. Unconsciously, time passes by without having an actual photo album to look at through the years. The last photo album our generation keeps might go back to the years 2006/2007 before Facebook became popular in Egypt. This – shockingly – means a decade ago!

“due to the 36-photo limit. Shots weren’t taken for granted”

Our virtual walls are showered with recent photos but our walls in our real homes are empty. A person’s home defines them. It defines their hobbies, adventures, achievements and love for their family and friends. Graduations, weddings, first birthdays, all should be part of a person’s house.

We exchanged photo albums with up to the minute photo apps. We became obsessed with taking any photo and not just wanting to capture an eternal memory. Decades ago, we would kill our siblings if they got their hands on a diary or curiously went through our secret drawer and found a summer 1995 photo album, but now we’d get really offended if people didn’t press the ‘Like’ button on any photo we post. It’s not about having beautiful and memorable photo albums anymore, the purpose turned into a ‘getting liked’ frenzy.

Of course the world changes and we need to be on board wherever technology is taking us, but instead of rocking the boat all the time, balance is always a good idea.

“Our fast-paced life made us forget about concrete and genuine treasures”

Our fast-paced life made us forget about concrete and genuine treasures. Social Media is definitely our comfort zone but if we think about it, we’ll find that we have been using genuine and valuable communication virtually, for too long. Instead of calling for birthdays, we find it easier to write on walls and instead of sending beautiful flowers we send ‘get well soon’ e-cards.

We should bring back the excitement of taking a film to the Kodak studio around the corner after a long lovely summer. We need to select a few photos from different events throughout the year and have them beautifully hung in frames. Print out images of your loved ones and have them on your desk or print a proud moment and put it right next to your bed or on the fridge. Print funny images of your cat or your dog and bring life to your walls.


Capture life!



Photo by Amina Zaher
Photo by Amina Zaher

By Reem Gamil

Editor in Chief

instagram: whatwomenwantmag



Featured Image: Shutterstock/scyther5

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