The 3 minute interview with Zap Tharwat

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1)      If you weren’t a rapper, what would you be?

A Pilot.


2)      When you hear the word ‘resistance’ what comes into your mind?

My studio.


3)      Name 3 people who inspired you:

Malcom X, Omar Ibn El Khattab and Salah El Din.


4)      Which is worse, a woman who can’t cook or a woman who can’t dance?

A woman who can’t cook.


5)      What is the talent you wish you had?



6)      What is on your list of things to accomplish in 2013?

To release my first album, Publish two new books and receive an award for my music or book.


7)      List 3 books that got you inspired:

Animal Farm, Cairo Mood and Hitler’s ‘My Struggle’.


8)      Is there a secret place you go to when you come up with these amazing lyrics?

In Axeer Studio’s office at night when everyone leaves.


9)      Do you have a dream country where you want to perform?

Cities like London and New York and at the Grammy’s.



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