The 3 Minute interview with Ronnie Khalil

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Who is your comedy guru? I grew up watching Bill Cosby, George Carlin and Robin Williams. Right now I really like Louis CK.


You wrote that you want to be the next “Egybshon Bresident”. What will be your campaign slogan? “A Man of the Beeble”.


Is it true that funny people are the ones who are secretly sad? Not always. I think we are in a business where we get a huge rush from making people laugh (sometimes thousands at a time) and are the center of attention for an hour or two, and when we step off stage, we want that rush back, but I enjoy the downtime. It helps me balance.


Are funny men easier to date? Not sure. Humor candefinitely ease tense moments but sometimes in relationships you don’t want someone deflecting all the time with jokes. Comics tend to be guarded with their emotions, which is funny because they’ll say everything on stage. We’re an odd breed!


Do you think women could be funny and sexy at the same time? Is it possible? Not only is it possible, they compliment each other. Any girl that can dish back-and-forth with me gets uber-sexy points. But dishing it out doesn’t mean just giving attitude; it’s a very hard and delicate balance.


Name 3 things that describe your sense of humor: sarcastic, truthful, heeee-larious (is that one or two words?).


If your wife didn’t get your jokes, will that be a turn off or you’ll work it out together? I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t get my jokes. It’s such a big part of me.  I’d rather she didn’t get me but got my jokes, at least that I could live with!


Do you know what women want? I think women want different things depending on what stage of their life they’re in and their circumstances. For relationships, I think you have to find two people who are compatible but compatible at the right time in their lives too, when their main focus isn’t career or taking care of only themselves. 


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