The 3 Minute Interview with Ola Roushdy

If the world would end in 2012, what would you do?

 Probably go get myself a soothing massage, delicious Thai food and a fruit cupcake, and then I’d be ready!


What’s the best part of being a comedienne?

Seeing people laugh from their hearts, making people happy!



What’s the weirdest thing you ever eaten?

Camel meat, it’s not weird in general but to me it is. Can’t imagine eating what tourists ride on at the Pyramids…


What will you take with you on a deserted island?

 A good book, my Ipod and speakers loaded with music and charged, my Swiss knife and some Dettol wipes won’t hurt! 


Who is your guru?

 My dad!


If you weren’t an actress, what would you be?

 I’d be an artist of some kind, maybe a dancer!


What common things fans tell you when they spot you on the street?

 “Wow! But you’re so small, you look much bigger on camera!” and some of them laugh when they see me and say “you really make me laugh!” (I love this one!)


What did marriage teach you? Any surprises?

Life in general is all about surprises, but with each new step in life you learn something. The most important thing in marriage is patience, forgiveness and keeping your independent being no matter what!


Do you collect anything?

 I collect everything. Fridge magnets, train tickets, coins from all around the world!


What do you hate about Egyptians today?

 Unfortunately their ignorance about what life is really all about. I don’t want to generalize, but most Egyptians today hardly read or write or learn new things or do anything useful. It’s all about what’s in style to wear, where to go eat, the “in” place to be and who are the cool people to hang around, all superficial stuff!


What do you think men want?

 If we knew, we wouldn’t be women! If you ever find out, please tell me!


If you were a boy, what’s the first thing you’d like to try out?

Peeing in the street!

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