The 3 minute interview with Mostafa Helmy, (aka 7ely, writer)

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Where do you get inspiration from? I’ll be damned if I knew! But, I think mostly from dumb people.


What’s the strangest/funniest reply you got on any of your posts? I made fun of a well-known politician and parliament member and surprisingly he replied with something like “Dude, come on, that was harsh!!” 


How would you describe Egyptians in 3 words? Expect the unexpected.


If you could meet up with any 6 inspiring people/philosophers, dead or alive, who would they be? Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, Galal Amer, Mohamed Afifi, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mark Twain, Monica Bellucci- well, parts of her were certainly inspiring- Freddie Mercury. And those are seven people, because, screw rules.


How do you feel about the myth of the world ending this year? The FIFA made plans for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil and you don’t want to piss off the FIFA.


If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be? If I say flying, you’ll say I’m cliché; if I say being invisible, you’ll say I’m a pervert. I can’t win here so I’ll settle for Understanding Women.


If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be? “Nobody moved your cheese, stupid… I ate it.”


If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be and why? I’ll be a lion because he’s the laziest animal ever; his wife does all the hunting, and he does nothing but yawn and look good.


If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be? Adham Sabry! Duuhh! He can kick anyone’s ass in 2 seconds, he’s dangerous, he’s handsome, he makes James Bond look like a sissy. If you think about it, he indeed is “Ragol El Mosta7eel”.


On scale of 1-10, how weird would you say you are? I think that won’t be the first scale I break.



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