The 3 Minute Interview with Marwan Kadry

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What is on your list of ‘things to do before turning 40’? Attending a rock concert in Woodstock.

 Any summer trend/fashion you hated this season? The tan fed on our men’s brains “7aga sees bezyada”

 How much did your summer change after you got married? A tricky question, I’m not going to answer this (wink)

 What are your favorite travel destinations? Sharm, Ein Sokhna and Gouna.

 You never leave the beach house without your: I pod

 Skydiving or Scuba diving? Eating mango.

 Bad summer habit of Egyptians you want to kill? Eating Wara2 3einab and Betengan on the beach.

 What’s on your iPod? The new Slash album

 Best films you’ve seen lately: Babysitters

 Summer clubbing or beach chillaxing? Summer clubbing.

 Sushi or Aklet Samak? Aklet Samak of course, I eat sushi as well though.

 What are you currently reading? A newspaper (laughs)


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