The 3 minute interview with Hesham Maged: Actor/Script Writer

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Will we ever see you acting in a non comedy role? I will keep that for the audience to choose. When I feel that they really need to see me in non-comedy roles, it will be the perfect time to do that.


What’s the best thing you like about your co-workers Fahmy and Chico during shooting? I like that they take their job as a funny and simple endeavor as if they are on a trip or having fun at a party.


What’s the worst thing you hate about them? Fahmy is very nervous and tensed while Chico is passive sometimes.


Do you think women could be sexy and funny at the same time? Could be, but it is very rare to find.


Did someone ever call you “Bahboury” on the streets? All the time! I’m always being asked “Bahboury ye2oul le mami eh?” and I have to answer “Bahboury ye2oul l mami 7ader”.


Who are your favorite comedians? Egyptians: Samir Ghanem, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz – Foreigners: Leslie Nelson, Jim Carrey, Owen Wilson.


What’s the best comedy movie quote you like the most? ‘El Sham3a di enta to7otaha fi 3enak …Ah’ (Ebn Hamido), ‘3eshrin alf geneh wa Abdel Halim yeghany fel fara7 – 3eshrin alf geneh wa Abdel Halim yer2os fel fara7 (Madraset El Moshaghbeen), 80% of Samir Ghanem`s lines.


What’s on your career wish list in the upcoming five years? I want to be successful, respectable and make different movies that gain respect of audiences from different age brackets.


In your opinion, what’s the best comedy age in Egyptian cinema? 50`s, 60`s and now.


Other than movies, what makes you laugh? Funny friends.


Do you know what women want? After marriage I realized that I don’t know and I will never know and no one will ever know. 

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