The 3 Minute Interview with Hady El Bagoury

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If the world will end in 2012, what will be on your list of things to do? Enjoy the rest of what’s left in every way possible.




Can you remember the first big thing you bought yourself when you finally got a good chunk of money? My motorcycle.


Do you believe in karma? Yes, very much.


Your favorite female superhero is: Cat Woman.


A book that inspired you: The Secret, it’s like it was talking about my life.


Where does your favorite destination lie on the map? It’s silly, but it’s Gouna!


Who’s the most charismatic actress alive? Scarlett Johansson.


What 3 things/people will you take with you on a deserted island? My wife, my dog, and my DVDs.


Have you ever just sat back and thought to yourself, ‘I am just incredibly lucky’? I don’t believe in luck, I believe in energy, do good, work hard you’ll get good back.


A director who impressed you in 2010: Tarantino


Do you know what women want? It’s very hard to say, I believe that no matter how much a person thinks that he knows women, he actually doesn’t know anything, what they want or how they think. I thought I always knew, but I found out that I didn’t, and I think if I don’t know then nobody else does.

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