The 3 Minute Interview with Arwa Gouda

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Summer clubbing or desert camping? Desert camping



Chillout, House or R’n’B? All 3

What do you hate most about Egyptians in the summer? They insist on piling up in the same places, we labseen elli 3al 7abl, 7atta 3al ba7r, and not giving each other enough space or freedom to dance or have fun.

How will you welcome Ramadan this summer? I started already reading the Quran (because I’m a slow reader) and probably my first Iftar will be with my family and my first Sohour will be on a Feluka.

You never hit the road without your: Deodorant, my favorite pillows, depending on how long and how far I’m travelling, music, book, and pois.

What are you currently reading? When Nietzche by Irvin D. Yalom; and I balance it out with Naharak Saeed  by Ahmad Ragab.

Favorite beach activities? Staff spinning and fire Poi spinning with the right people, also I like playing Tabla.

Favorite movie this summer? La Tarago3 Wala Istislam (al Kabda Al Damiya) and Inception.

What will you take with you on a deserted island? The things I’d never hit the road without plus food.

Favorite summer destination in Egypt?  Rowad (North Coast) and Marsa Alam

Favorite summer destination abroad? Brazil haven’t been there yet though (laughs)

what’s on your Ipod this summer? Samba, Bossa Nova, Acid Jazz, Jazz, Trip-hop and lots of Baladi beats.


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