The 3 Minute Interview Nuria Gomma, Professional Kite boarder

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1)      How long have you been kite surfing?

For 7 years now.

2)      How did kite surfing change your life?

I’ve been working in a bank for 10 years and I looked back at my life and wanted to change it once and for all. I used to do kite surfing as a hobby, but then I started getting more trainings, quit my job and dedicated full time to my kite boarding.

3)      Tell us about coaching Egyptian kite surfer students?

It’s very challenging as the ones I coached were all freestylers and it’s great seeing them today after all that training they got.

4)      Do you have any weird habits?

I talk in my sleep. I also have got a really bad sense of direction; I used to get lost inside my own university!

5)      Do you want to have children and start a family?

As a kid I wanted a big family with at least 4 kids, but then I changed my mind, 2 is enough.

6)      What are your favorite kite surfing spots?

Taiba in Brazil is amazing. I have a house there and I go there several times a year. Dakhla in Morocco is also nice. For sure Egypt is one of the best countries as well as Mexico.

7)      Do you know what women want?

They just want to be happy and have fun. Women should live their dreams, it’s just one life and you should do to everything you are passionate about.

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