The 3 Minute Interview from Twitterland – @but_toot

 As a cartoon character, how do you feel about the way things are in Egypt these days?

Bey2ollak black days!


Why didn’t you tie the knot with Daisy yet? You’ve been together for decades!

We’ve been together for 40 years, but I realized she actually likes Gladstone. I don’t want to be the crazy jealous duck in this relationship! So I left her and now I’m single and can do whatever I want.


Why did you decide to go on twitter?

When I saw there was a social media website with a bird logo I assumed it was for birds. Then I joined and realized it was for humans only as usual. #SadShortStory


Are you still working for Uncle Scrooge?

I work in a margarine factory in the morning and work for Scrooge at night.


Is it true that Uncle Scrooge owns most businesses in Cairo?

Yes! Some even said he works with Sawiris but I think it’s a rumor.


You have a really bad temper. How do you handle Egyptian traffic?

I wouldn’t drive in Cairo even for all of Uncle Scrooge’s fortune!


If comic book worlds collided, would you leave Daisy for, say Wonder Woman?

Since I already left her that would be okay. I wouldn’t go for Wonder Woman, though. Cat woman is perfect!


What do women want?

No one knows that. I know what they need, though, and that is to stop cooking ducks!

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