The 10 Coolest Animals on Instagram


When it comes to pets, everyone thinks theirs is the best. However, these pets are so hip, we can’t help but admit their Instagram accounts put ours to shame. Some of them raise awareness for their favorite causes like pet adoption or abolishing fur, others just act like their adorable selves, and some flaunt their celebrity parents.


Here is a list of 10 animals you have to follow on Instagram.





Grumpy Cat

We all know the cat with the most impressive resting b*** face. The internet fell in love with her the moment her meme came up, because really, she reflects how we feel most of the time. Tardar Sauce, Grumpy Cat’s real name, looks like she couldn’t be bothered in such a way that makes her utterly irresistible to us all. We can’t help loving a grim kitty with a killer attitude. Her disapproving look only makes us want her approval even more.

712k Followers on Instagram


Cecil De Levingne

What happens when you’re an adorable bunny with a supermodel mama? You get thousands of Instagram followers in no time, obviously! The tiny bunny is super chic, and her account has plenty of photos of her posing next to her mom, Cara De Levingne. We live for this kind of glamour!

2,368 Followers on Instagram



Hashtag is an aptly named Instagram Labrador. The cute puppy lives in Cairo with his parents, and goes on little adventures wherever they go. He always posts pictures of his new friends, canine and human alike. He is playful, clever, and loves watermelon like any other proper Egyptian.

99 Followers on Instagram 


Biddy The Hedgehog

We recently learned of Biddy’s passing. The adventurous little hedgehog had captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands who happily followed him on Instagram. The spiky little fellow took pictures of everywhere he went and everything saw. Until on the 1st of last March, he passed away. Biddy’s Instagram is still up where his parents receive support from his fans.

652k Followers on Instagram



Goats of Anarchy might be the best thing we’ve seen on the Internet in a while. Those goats are equal parts badass and adorable. They live on a farm, and so their other animal friends make lots of cameos. When you subscribe to Goats of Anarchy you get more than cute, badass goats; you get the entire cute, badass farm!

79.5k Followers on Instagram



Who doesn’t love turtles? They’re mellow, they’re cute, they were even portrayed as adorable stoners in Finding Nemo, what’s not to like? Turtle’s Instagram account may not belong to only one turtle, but it is very  informative on the subject. How else would we have known how to tickle a turtle? And honestly, we love seeing adorable tiny turtles swimming, hatching, and eating on our timeline.

10.5k Followers on Instagram



Like Grumpy Cat, Tuna became a meme almost instantly. This one not due to his attitude, but his adorable overbite that makes him look exactly like a Simpsons character. Tuna’s overbite isn’t the only reason he’s famous, though. The brave little doggy promotes rescuing other dogs. Good on you, Tuna! You do melt our hearts.

1.3 Million Followers on Instagram


Mr. Bagel

Chinchillas are fuzzy little balls of fur with permanent puppy eyes that could melt the heart of anyone. That’s why Mr. Bagel’s account is doing a great job at promoting adoption and speaking up against the fur industry. Who could say no to Mr. Bagel when he asks them to stop wearing fur? Nobody who owns a functioning heart, clearly.

84k Followers on Instagram



Cats were worshiped by Pharaohs thousands of years ago. This might explain their royal behavior and condescending attitude. It doesn’t explain, however, how mystical they are, unless you believe in magic. Venus, is a cat that definitely looks the mystical part a little extra due to her being a chimera. A chimera cat has two sets of DNA formulae, resulting in her having this almost photoshopped-looking fur color. Venus is a true beauty who was rescued 3 years ago.

721 Followers on Instagram



This little piggy started an Instagram account and became a celebrity! Penelope Popcorn is a pretty little piggy who, according to her bio loves family, food, blankets and doing tricks. She also poses in some fabulous outfits, hats, sunglasses and headpieces. Penny is one glamorous piggy, and we can’t help but want to be her friends.

40.9k Followers on Instagram

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